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Haciendo la pelota (C1)

La pelota (the ball) is one of the most important inventions of human beings, along with the wheel, the airplanes or the internet. Is this statement an exaggeration? Spanish-speaking countries are a good proof of it. Wherever you go, you will see kids, teenagers or even adults playing with una bola, un balón, un cuero, [...]

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Time is relative (C1)

Albert Einstein was a man ahead of his time… or maybe “behind of his time”. Not for nothing, he said: “El tiempo es relativo (time is relative)”. Actually, he was not a brilliant boy at school, according to his teachers. However, he became the most recognized scientist in the 20th century. As a result of [...]

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Panem et circenses (B2)

Pan y circo (bread and circuses) was a sentence coined by the Roman poet Juvenal to criticize the populist policies adopted by the politicians at that moment. If the economy is decreasing, don’t worry, let’s host gladiator combats, a quadriga race or a massacre starred by hungry lions eating up some scared Christians. Of course, [...]

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Polvo eres… (B2+)

Today Christians celebrate el Miércoles de Ceniza (the Ash Wednesday). They get a a cross of ashes placed on their forehead. This sign symbolizes that somos polvo y al polvo volveremos (we are dust, and to dust we shall return). In this way, la Cuaresma (the Lent) starts. From today, we’ll have forty days to [...]

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¡Ay, pena, penita, pena! (B2)

If you have good taste for music, you’ll probably answer without a doubt to these questions: who was the king of rock? And the queen? Who used to be sitting in the throne of pop music? Some good answers shouldn’t be very different from Elvis Presley, Tina Turner or Michael Jackson. However, what if I [...]

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Para gustos, los colores (B2)

La primavera (Spring) is already here and Spanish fields are colourful. From the blancos cerezos en flor (white cherry blossom trees) in Valle del Jerte (Extremadura), to the rojos campos de fresas (red strawberry fields) in Huelva; from the verdes praderas (green prairies) in Asturias to the brillantes naranjos (shining orange tree) in Valencia, Spanish [...]

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