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Lengua y Guerra (B2)

Speaking properly, has been considered a value of education, status and even wealth. So, why do we have many examples of fights, arguments and even guerras (wars) along history? Certainly, a wrong polite set expression, an incorrect adaptation of our language register or an inappropriate use of a double meaning [...]

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¿Qué hora es? (A1)

In Spanishviaskype we share many things with our students, specially the interest about our beautiful language, but one thing that most of the times don’t have in common is the time zone (huso horario). Winter is coming and next weekend in Spain and all countries from the European Union we are going to leave the [...]

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¡Ay, pena, penita, pena! (B2)

If you have good taste for music, you’ll probably answer without a doubt to these questions: who was the king of rock? And the queen? Who used to be sitting in the throne of pop music? Some good answers shouldn’t be very different from Elvis Presley, Tina Turner or Michael Jackson. However, what if I [...]

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¿Por qué? (B1)

Unfortunately, human beings don’t do anything for free or no reason. These days the Christmas spirit is overrunning us; we supposed to be better people and we should share our possessions with those who live precariously. However, we do nothing without a cause, a reason or a motivation. All human actions follow this chains of [...]

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Let there be light! (B2)

December is here and Christmas is coming. We’re already wearing our scarfs and gloves and ski lovers are preparing their equipment to start climbing Spanish mountains. A lot of people are in the streets, with shopping bags hanging from their hands; shop windows show Christmas trees, colourful garlands and nativity scenes. All of these is [...]

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Para gustos, los colores (B2)

La primavera (Spring) is already here and Spanish fields are colourful. From the blancos cerezos en flor (white cherry blossom trees) in Valle del Jerte (Extremadura), to the rojos campos de fresas (red strawberry fields) in Huelva; from the verdes praderas (green prairies) in Asturias to the brillantes naranjos (shining orange tree) in Valencia, Spanish [...]

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