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Tabúes sexuales (C1)

I’ve been always fascinated by human’s ability to conceal natural things because of morality, ethics, religion or complexes. It’s very funny when babies start learning to talk and suddenly they say: “pito, culo, caca…” (penis, butt, crap) and their blushed parents tell them off, due to their embarrassment. All of these (rude?) words are called [...]

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Wake up! Pay attention! (B1)

When we read this post’s tittle, who doesn’t remember that time when a teacher shouted: Are you in the clouds? Don’t be so hard with us, dreamers who like to escape from reality and need to think in different places where we are, because, to be honest, reality is often boring. So, if you are [...]

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The origins of…

Have you ever wondered why there are so many words starting with “al-“ in Spanish? Don’t you think it’s funny when you pronounce the word “ojalá”? Do you wish to have a “ñ letter key” in your keyboard, when you are taking a Spanish lesson via Skype? I’m sure our students on www.spanishviaskype.com do. Today [...]

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