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Saint Valentine’s Day vs Singles’ Day: Learn Spanish with love

Every 14th of February, couples all around the world, celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. Parks are full of tortolitos (lovebirds), las floristerías (florists) hacen su agosto (make a killing) and miles de bombones (thousands of chocolates) will be devoured. However, not everybody knows what is celebrated today, one day before, on [...]

How to pass DELE exams: rewriting a text in C2

DELE preparation lessons are one of the most demanded courses at Spanishviaskype.com. However, C2 level is, by far, the least taken, due to the difficulties to reach that mastery of the Spanish language. A C2 speaker is not supposed to have any problem to understand any oral or written registry (formal or informal) and, of [...]

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Tips to pass your DELE exam

The first DELE exams (Instituto Cervantes) of 2018 are near and our Preparation for DELE course is crowded. At SpanishviaSkype.com, our teachers (who are also accredited as DELE examiners) are receiving many requests for a free trial lesson from students who want to improve their chances to pass this test. Many of these candidates have [...]

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A China le gusta el español (B1)

Estos días se cumplen seis décadas de la apertura del primer centro de enseñanza de español en China.  La Universidad de Estudios Extranjeros de Pekín (BFSU, según sus siglas en inglés) abrió en 1952 el departamento de castellano para formar a diplomáticos y funcionarios que engrasaran las relaciones con el mundo hispano. […]

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¿Sabías que…

… Gracias al español 495 millones de personas en todo el mundo pueden comunicarse entre sí. … Es la segunda lengua materna del mundo, después del chino mandarín y por delante del inglés. … Tiene carácter oficial y vehicular en 21 países del mundo. […]

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