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How to deal with aggressive customers (B2)

Los clientes siempre tienen la razón (customers or clients are always right). This sentence has become a mantra in business world. Nevertheless, on www.spanishviaskype.com we know it’s not true. Our teachers must correct our clients in every single lesson; actually, our job is to contradict that mantra. However, if you [...]

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10 words that will change your business skills (B1)

Hacer negocios, doing business, is the most competitive and challenging experience for a professional. At SpanishviaSkype you will find the course you are looking for. Spanish Lessons for Business is the best way to improve your verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Leading a business meeting, giving presentations and negotiating, writing correspondence [...]

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Don’t say this in a job interview (B1)

It’s never easy to deal with a job interview. On www.spanishviaskype.com, we help our students from a linguistic point of view: the common questions they’ll find or how to write a professional email, etc. However, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to learning the best answers, but also how to avoid the [...]

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