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Spotahome: the best way to get a house before moving to Spain

As true Spaniards, we at Spanishviaskype know that finding an apartment in Spain isn’t easy; in fact, it can often be a nightmare. We’ve definitely had our own fair share of apartment search horror stories. As you rummage through all of the traditional websites that you would normally use to find the room, studio, or [...]

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La ciudad condal (C1)

Lausanne, Switzerland, October 17th, 1986: Juan Antonio Samaranch opens an envelope and says in French: “the XXV Olympic Games will be hosted by the city of Barcelona in 1992”. Since that moment on, Barcelona has become one the most visited cities in Europe and it’s grown in population and facilities. Who doesn’t know about La [...]

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Amigos para siempre (B2)

Barcelona, 1992. La “Ciudad Condal” espera impaciente la llegada del verano. Los primeros Juegos Olímpicos en suelo español están a punto de  celebrarse. José Carreras y Sara Brightman preparan sus voces para interpretar esta joya musical: Amigos para siempre. […]

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