tacosTaco. What do our students on www.spanishviaskype.com think when they hear this word? Rica comida mexicana (delicious Mexican food). And they’re right. Mexico has put its own word in the “world wide dictionary”, that vocabulary list that everybody recognizes even though they don’t know about its origin. Taco is a Mexican dish made of a tortilla (corn or wheat flatbread) folded with a filling of different kind of meat, seafood or cheese, and accompanied by salsas, guacamole, and other vegetables.

However, our post today will not deal with food. Taco has another well-known meaning. It’s a swearword, obscenity, bad word…; it doesn’t matter how we call it, we all know that they are words which are not politically correct and sometimes rude and vulgar.

Today we’ll learn some expressions related to sex or sexual organs.

Maybe the most used words to swear are those that comes from sex; sex has been a taboo along history and it’s still common in our society. Therefore, people often use these words and their derivatives to insult, swear or express feelings. Let’s focus on male and female sexual organs.

Coño: it’s the bad word for the vagina (same word in Spanish), “cunt”, “pussy” or “minge” are good translations for it. It’s very used to express different feelings, from surprise (¡Coño! ¡Qué haces aquí! – What the fucking hell are you doing here?) to anger (¡Coño! He suspendido mi examen – Holy crap! I failed my exam). Here are a list of derivatives:

  • Coñazo (noun): ¡Qué coñazo de película! (this movie it’s a real bore!)
  • Encoñarse de alguien / Estar encoñado de alguien (verb): to be / fall in love crazily with someone. Estoy encoñado de tu amiga (I’m in love with your friend).
  • Ni de coña (slang): no fucking way. No voy a hablar contigo; ni de coña (I’m not speaking with you; no way!).
  • El quinto coño (slang): the boondocks. Eres un coñazo de tío; vete al quinto coño (you’re a boring guy; go to the boondocks).
  • Escoñarse (verb): to smash up. Se me ha caído el móvil y se ha escoñado (my cellular fell down and got smashed up).

Cojones: it’s the bad word for the testicles (testículos in Spanish), “balls”, “nuts” or “bollocks” are vulgar expressions for them. Just as coño, we use it to express emotions like surprise (¡Cojones, qué golazo! – What a fucking goal!), anger (¡Cojones! Te lo he repetido mil veces – Bollocks! I repeated it to you one thousand times). It also means courage or bravery (No tienes cojones para hacer eso – You don´t have balls to do it). Here are a list of derivative:

  • Acojonante (adjective): tremendous, shocker. Ha subido al Everest; ¡acojonante! (He climbed Mount Everest; tremendous)
  • Cojonudo (adjective): Me he comprado un coche cojonudo (I’ve bought an amazing car).
  • Acojonar (verb) / Acojonarse (verb): To scare / To be afraid of. Esa película de terror acojona a cualquiera. (This horror movie scares everybody) / Yo me acojono cuando tengo que hacer la declaración de la renta (I’m afraid of declaring my income taxes).
  • ¡Y un cojón! (slang): go fuck yourself! ¿Que te dé dinero? ¡Y un cojón! (Do you want me to give you some money? Go fuck yourself!).
  • Tocarse los cojones (slang): to do fuck all, to do nothing. Se pasa todo el día tocándose los cojones (he spends all day doing fuck all).

Be careful when you use this vulgar expressions. Maybe it’s not a good idea to start using them if you are not an advanced student, but it’s very useful to know them if you want to watch a Spanish movie, series or listening to a rap song. What do you say? You can’t speak Spanish? Pero ¿qué cojones? (but, what the fuck?), try a free trial lesson here via Skype. Our classes are peculiar but never un coñazo (a bore).