spotahome1As true Spaniards, we at Spanishviaskype know that finding an apartment in Spain isn’t easy; in fact, it can often be a nightmare. We’ve definitely had our own fair share of apartment search horror stories. As you rummage through all of the traditional websites that you would normally use to find the room, studio, or apartment of your dreams, you find things that seem great, but what you actually see when you visit the place is a complete 180 from what you saw in the ads. It can also sometimes be a bloodbath, with people not updating the listings often leaving you vying with tons of people for the room on WhatsApp. But we have found a solution: Spotahome. With this company, getting your next pad in Spain (currently in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, and Granada) is faster, easier, and more secure. And way easier! 

First, you can filter through the thousands of properties available using filters on the city map. You can filter by type of property, price, and you can move the map around to go into the areas you want. See just how easy it is in this video:

The listings have all of the info you need in order to pick the best accommodation tailored to your needs. They tell you what exactly is included in the price of rent, the type of building, and they check every single property themselves. With video tours and great photos for every property, you get the best virtual tour around, and everything that’s there will be there when you move in.

At SpanishViaSkype we offer a plethora of types of classes, that are not only tailored to level and age group, but also towards specific needs because we know that someone preparing for the DELE C2 exam has a much different set of needs than someone wanting to have Spanish immersion for their preschool-aged children or a student needing some survival Spanish to get by at Mercadona, in the bar, and on the Metro. Spotahome offers this same approach to the apartment search process.

With all of the tools in their listings, you’re sure to find an apartment that best caters to your needs based on budget, amenities, and, what’s often most important, the location. Now, speaking of location, that leads us to something else that makes Spotahome amazing. One of their signatures on their site is their information about the neighborhoods you’re going to be practicing your Spanish in every single day, whether at the grocery store, the bar, or even in a store, because they know you also want to live in the right neighborhood as well as in the right apartment. They’ve written extensive neighborhood guides that been have carefully written and researched, giving you added insider tips so that you know just as much about what’s just outside your door as what’s inside it!

They’ve also made videos of some of the neighborhoods. Check some of them out: Here are two from Madrid. The first one is from Malasaña:

… And the second one, Chueca:

What about Seville? Let’s take a look in Los Remedios and Triana!

And, just like you can have your Spanish classes any time any where on Skype with us, you can reserve your new apartment online with ease on Spotahome. Once you find the one that you like, the next step is to authorize by Paypal or via bank transfer the payment of the first month’s rent and a booking fee. You don’t have to sign any contracts until the day you actually move in (giving you the peace of mind of being able to check the property during the first 12 hours), and you can choose to move in at any day of the month (which comes in handy when you have to move in the middle of the month). They’ve laid it all out in this handy video:

Instead of spending weeks and weeks looking for housing, you can secure yours in a few clicks. See how easy finding your next home in Spain can be by checking out Spotahome.

If you are planning on coming to Spain, we really recommend you to take our ‘Spanish Survival‘ program. You’ll be ready to manage in every day practical situations in four weeks!