Online teaching conference in NaplesNext Friday 13th and Saturday 14th, Naples (Italy) will host Move me, the 2nd International Conference on MOOCs, language learning and mobility. In consequence, the city in front of Vesubio will be the centre of online teaching world, and, as it could not be otherwise, can’t miss this opportunity. We’ll be represented in the best possible way by our teacher, Lorena Aguado Sánchez.

The event is organised by Fenice (National Federation of Teachers) and Università degli studi di Napoli, “L’Orientali” (Naples University) and a large number of international universities, schools and academies will take part in it. For further information, take a look at the official programme.

What does MOOC mean? MOOC (COMA in Spanish) is an acronym that stands for “Massive Open Online Course”. They are online courses aimed at large number of participants, which provides open access via the web. Unlike the traditional online courses, MOOCs, should offer an open enviroment, free access for the registration and materials, unlimited enrolment, emphasis on learning process rather than evaluation or certification, more diversity of communication tools and use of social networksMoocs, online courses

Lorena will take the floor on Friday 13th, in Room B, at 17:20 (CEST). Her presentation, entitled “Skype in the ELE classroom: effectiveness of online teaching in coaching students for the DELE exam” was developed by Lorena herself and Ángel Roncero Lozano (other teacher on Aguado Sánchez

The attendees will know more about SpanishviaSkype method of preparing the DELE exams and how Skype has become a valuable tool for online teaching. Lorena will explain how we use all Skype’s features in order to coach our students, how we prepare each part of the exam and how we expect the future of Skype.

Let us tell you, that, not for nothing, our DELE exam pass rate is about 95% of our candidates and, now that A2 level is required to obtain Spanish nationality, we’ve noticed an appreciable rise in registrations in this level.

For all these reasons, if you are interested in online teaching and you are close to Naples next weekend, maybe you could try to attend to this conference. If that is not possibe for you and you’d like to pass your DELE exam, try a free trial lesson here and know why these international insitutions have trusted


Image 1, Official poster for Move Me Conference,

Image 2, MOOC poster mathplourde, by Mathieu Plourde at Wikipedia.

Image 3, Lorena Aguado Sánchez, teacher on