gazpachoSummer is coming (we’re not the Starks in Game of Thrones), and every single Spaniard is thinking about their holidays. Most of them will choose La Costa del Sol (the Sun Coast), in the south of Andalucía, la Costa Blanca (the White Coast) in the east, or Las Islas Canarias (Canary Islands).

Spain is synonymous with sun, beach, fun and good food. But why are you going to wait to travel to Spain to try our best recipes? What if you put on your apron and try to cook them on your own?

Cooking is in fashion, TV Shows like Masterchef have spread this ancient art. Let’s learn how to express a recipe’s steps.

On we think the best way to learn is the practice. We’ve chosen one of the most famous Spanish recipes: El gazpacho (a kind of cold tomatoes soup), a very tasty drink, very consumed in Summertime.

These are some ways to describe a recipe in Spanish:

  1. Pasiva refleja: se + 3ª persona del singular o plural del presente de indicativo.

Se pelan los tomates, el pepino, los pimientos y los ajos, se cortan y se echan en un bol (tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and garlics  are peeled, they are cut and poured in a bowl).

  1. Imperativo:

Corta un poco de pan y échalo en el bol. Enciende la batidora y bate la mezcla (cut a little of bread and pour it in the bowl. Switch on the beater and beat the mixture).

  1. 1ª persona del plural del presente de indicativo.

Cuando no quede ningún trozo de verdura, añadimos la sal, el aceite de oliva y el vinagre. (When there are no pieces of vegetables, we add salt, olive oil and vinegar).

  1. Tener + que + infinitivo

Si la textura del gazpacho está demasiado espesa, tienes que añadir agua fría. (If the texture is too much thick, you have to add cold water).

  1. Deberías + infinitivo

Para terminar el gazpacho deberías batir la mezcla hasta que esté homogénea. (In order to finish the gazpacho you should beat the mixture until it’s uniform).

  1. Poder + infinitivo

Puedes añadir algún tipo de fruta a la mezcla para hacerla más refrescante. (You can add some kind of fruit to the mixture for making it more refreshing).

Now you don’t have excuses for not drinking gazpacho on your own country. In the same way, you don’t have excuses for not learning Spanish via Skype. You can reserve a free trial lesson here. ¡Que aproveche el gazpacho… y las clases! (Enjoy your gazpacho… and your classes!).