MinaIn this blog, we have talked many times about false friends: English ones, Portuguese ones and French ones. Today I want to share some Spanish false friends. Yeah! I said Spanish! The same words in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela or Spain can have different meanings.


  • Probably the most common one is the verb coger.

In Spain, coger means to take.

La gente coge el autobús.People take the bus.

But in Latin America, coger means to have sex.

La gente toma el autobús.People take the bus.


  • The word vaina has different meanings as well.

In Venezuela, Colombia and República Dominicana vaina means thing or stuff:

Dame esa vaina.Give me that thing

¡Qué vaina!Damn!

In Spain, una vaina is a green bean.


  • Una mina in Argentina and Uruguay means a girl. In Spain, una mina is a mine.


Do you know anymore? Do you have any funny stories? Let us know!