Today’s medical professionals must adapt to meet the challenges that come with the growing demographic diversity in the health care population. This often requires that health care providers learn to communicate clearly and effectively with patients and their relatives in a second language, such Spanish.  SpanishviaSkype has designed a Spanish Course for Medical Professionals that progressively merges grammar and health care terminology in the context of various medical settings. Students will focus on dialogues, readings and cultural notes.

The student will work on medical reports, emails, video and audio materials; articles from medical journals/magazines and also different materials that the students bring in from their workplace (reports, presentations, etc.). This course is designed in such a way that they can be applied to your day-to-day work. This Spanish course for medical professionals provides students with the opportunity to shadow an interpreter in the local or regional community and reflect upon that experience.

These lessons will allow our students to make a personal connection with patients and their families; question patients about their symptoms; conduct physical examinations; gather and convey basic information; inform and instruct about basic procedures; give follow up instruction; increase your awareness of specialised terminology; analyse real case scenarios; and learn how to deal with challenging situations.

The course is supported by a team of tutors: Dr. Amalio Ordóñez (Medical Oncologist. Madrid) and Dra. Marta Herrero (Family Doctor. Madrid). This team offers academic support throughout the learning process (students can have free correspondence by email with them to ask any language doubts regarding Medical Spanish whenever is needed).

This course is geared for intermediate to advanced Spanish speakers. This would be equivalent to levels B1 and B2 levels (The Council of Europe Language Level Scale).

What is included in this course?

  • Class report. After every lesson, we e-mail our students a detailed class report so they can review their lesson and keep track of their progress.
  • Extra material and consolidation activities. Designed to help the students review what they have learnt in class.
  • Evaluation tests. Designed to check if the objectives have been met.

Take a look at the syllabus of this course.

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