8apellidosThis is the last phenomenon in Spanish film industry: Ocho apellidos vascos (Spanish Affaire in USA / Literally: Eight Basque Family Names). It has been the top grossing movie for the last two months in Spain, leaving behind blockbusters such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Rio 2, Noah or Captain America: Winter Soldier. Finally, it became the most seen Spanish movie ever.

We’re sure that our students who live in Spain have watched it or, at least, they have heard of it. Imagine that a guy from Sevilla falls in love with a girl from País Vasco. Here you can replace Sevilla with Boston, Manchester, Milano…and País Vasco with Texas, Birmingham or  Sicilia…Different customs, cultural misunderstandings… and plenty of slangs.

Today, we’re going to focus on some words and expressions which come from the Basque language.

As you know, The Basque country is an autonomous community in the north of Spain. They conserve and speak one of the most antique language in Europe:  El Euskera. Since the origins of Spanish Language, there has been a constant feedback between both languages. Let’s see some of the most common Basque words we use in Spanish currently reading this text:

La última vez que estuve en el País Vasco, fui con unos amigos. Cogimos nuestras mochilas (backpacks) y nos fuimos a Bilbao. Alquilamos un coche, una chatarra (banger), en realidad. ¡No sé ni cómo llegamos! Era mediodía y teníamos mucha hambre. Preguntamos a un hombre, que llevaba una boina (beret), dónde podíamos comer bien. Nos dijo que a la izquierda (left) de La Ría había un restaurante donde servían el mejor bacalao (cod) y la mejor angula (elver) de la ciudad. Aparcamos el cacharro (wreck car) de coche y nos fuimos a comer. Nos llenamos de bacalao, angulas, chirlas (baby clams), nécoras (small crabs), cocochas (a part of the cod’s jaw)…Cuando mi amigo Aitor, que es vasco, nos dijo “¡Aúpa! (Up!), vamos a dar una vuelta por la ciudad”, nadie podía levantarse de su silla.

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