clock-445717-mI wouldn’t know what to answer if you ask me if I would rather go to the movies than stay at home watching a TV series. During the last years, series have had a deep impact, not only in American amusement but also in Spain. Who hasn’t heard about “Lost”, “Breaking Bad” or “Game of Thrones”?

This year, one of the most viewed shows in Spain was El ministerio del tiempo (The Ministry of Time). This is a secret goverment institution that is responsible for watching the doors of time, so that nobody from other eras can change the history for their own benefit.

The main characters are part of a patrol who have to accomplish one mision in a specific period of Spanish history. Action and adventure are mixed with drama. The heroes will regret past actions and decisions they took.

Los arrepentimientos (regrets) are one of the worst feelings a human being can feel. They eat away at you. It’s imposible to change our past, and this is the point of this series: what if you could?

Today we’re going to learn some structures to express regrets in Spanish. In grammar we call this, “third conditional or impossible conditions”. Here you have some of the choices you have:

  1. Si + pretérito pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo + condicional compuesto: Si no hubiera bebido tanto anoche, no habría sufrido ese terrible accidente (if I had not drunk so much last night, I’d have not had that terrible accident).
  1. De + infinitivo compuesto + condicional compuesto: De haber estudiado más para mi examen, habría aprobado sin problemas (if I had studied more for my exam, I would have passed it easily).
  1. Si + llegar (en presente) a + infinitivo + condicional compuesto / presente de indicativo: Si llego a saber que vendrías a la fiesta, no habría venido / vengo (If I had known that you would come to the party, I wouldn’t have come).
  1. (No) Debería + infinitivo compuesto: Debería haber estudiado español cuando era más joven. (I should have studied Spanish when I was younger).

We hope you won’t need to regret something you did. We think the best way not to regret is thinking twice and taking the right decitions. Si hubieras empezado a estudiar español hace unos años…, de haber venido a España para practicar tu español…, si llegas a saber que el español se habla en tantos países…, deberías haber conocido mucho antes.

So, if you don’t want to regret not having learnt Spanish in the future, you can start right now, just using Skype. Reserve a free trial lesson here. ¡No te arrepentirás! (you won’t regret it).