iniestaHere we are again, with the trendiest topic in the world nowadays: fútbol, football or soccer, as you please. From the 12th of June to the 13th of July, football fans will enjoy the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Last week we proposed you a very interesting offer in

Today, we want you to know more about the Spanish vocabulary used in football. Some time ago, we published a post about football slangs. However, today we’ll learn the basic words you’ll need to understand a football match broadcast in Spanish.

Un partido de fútbol (a football match) is played by twenty two jugadores (players) en un campo de fútbol dentro de un estadio (in a football field in a Stadium). Cada equipo (every team) is formed by 11 players: un portero  (a goalkeeper), algunos defensas (some defenders), algunos centrocampistas (some midfielders) y algunos delanteros (some strikers). These players are managed by un entrenador (a coach).

All these sportmen can pasar la pelota (to pass the ball), tirar (to shoot) and the most important action: marcar un gol (to score a goal). Furthermore, other secondary actions are possible. Players can hacer faltas sobre un rival (to commit a foul against an opponent), sacar un córner o saque de esquina (to kick a corner) or lanzar un penalti o una pena maxima (to strike a penalty kick).

As you can see, it’s possible to join two of the funniest activities in the world: learning Spanish via Skype and watching football. If you want to try it, you can reserve a free trial lesson with us.

Buena suerte para tu país en el Mundial de fútbol (Good luck for your country in the Football World Cup).