5 expressions about fashionWelcome to Madrid, welcome to la moda española. From tomorrow, 24th to next Tuesday, the 29th, the capital of Spain becomes the capital of world fashion because of Madrid Fashion Week 2019. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Angel Schlesser, Custo Barcelona or Desigual will be some of the most popular Spanish firms that will be present this year.

The Spanish language está de moda (is in fashion) and at Spanishviaskype we’ll help you hablar a la moda (speak fashionably). In the past, we provided you with some articles in which we addressed vocabulary and idioms about fashion. Today, we’ll offer you more phrases about styling.

1. Ir hecho un cuadro

Criticizing is Spanish national sport, and if we talk about fashion, everybody has his or her own opinion. If you decided to wear your best suit or dress for an important event and a friend of yours says “vas hecho un cuadro”, maybe you should think about changing your clothes…, or maybe changing your friends. However, Ir hecho un cuadro doesn’t only mean to wear bad or disgusting clothes but also to have a bad appearance: disheveled, scruffy or dirty.

For example: ¿Cómo vas a ir así a la entrevista de trabajo? Vas hecho un cuadro.

2. Ir hecho un pincel

Every coin has two faces; if those aforementioned friends say that vas hecho un pincel, or they want to take advantage of you, flattering you, or they really like how you are looking. In any case, you will break hearts that day.

For example: Pero, ¿quién se casa hoy? Vas hecho un pincel.

3. Ir hecho un farraguas

We go back to busybody mode. Farraguas is even more vulgar than cuadro. Actually, it’s a popular and dialectal word that might come from farra (party), which has its origin in the Arabic term al-gazara. Imagine how your clothes and your own body can be after a crazy party.

For example: Ponte bien la camisa y el pantalón, que siempre vas hecho un farraguas.

4. Tener buena percha

The place where we hang a shirt, is a percha (hanger). Nevertheless, this expression doesn’t mean you have high-quality hangers in your wardrobe. Actually, the hanger is yourself. Tener una buena percha means that no matter what kind of clothes you try on, they will fit you perfectly because of your body’s constitution.

For example: Tu hijo puede comprar ropa en cualquier lugar; claro, tiene buena percha.

5. Ir de punta en blanco

We finish the list on the top, but let’s go back in time. In the Middle Ages, knights were proud of going to war. They used to wear their best armors and weapons. Among these, there were sharp swords and spears, which were made of burnish steel, in such a way that they would shine before the sun. That white appearance, also gave name to the armas blancas (bladed weapons). Nowadays, ir de punta en blanco means wearing elegant.

For example: El estreno de la película fue un éxito; todos los actores iban de punta en blanco.

In conclusion, if you want to speak a la moda via Skype, don’t hesitate and reserve a free trial lesson on www.spanishviaskype.com. However, we can’t promise you that our teachers irán de punta en blanco or hechos un pincel, but, of course, we guarantee you that they no irán hechos unos farraguas nor un cuadro.