Gay Pride Madrid SlangsEl Día del Orgullo LGBT, 28th of June, commemorates Stonewall riots in 1969. The situation for lesbianas (lesbians), gays, bisexuales (bisexuals) and transgéneros (transgenders) has changed absolutely for good. However, this community still have many rights to fight for.

Madrid has become one of the centers of this movement. More than 1.5 million of people enjoy the celebrations at the weekend immediately after June 28th. A huge parade will go down Paseo del Prado and Calle Alcalá.

From, we want to give our own tribute to them.

Gay Slangs

If you come to Madrid these days, you may hear incomprehensible expressions, even though you master the Spanish language. Today, we’re going to learn some of them.

Salir del armario

This expression means ‘to announce voluntarily and publicly your sexual orientation or gender identity’. It’s a translation from English ‘coming out of the closet’. The opposite term could be ‘estar en el armario’, for people who don’t want or dare to come out.


This innocent question might be answered replying ‘si entiendo, de qué’ (Do I understand about what?). The questioning person will know you are not gay. Another variation could be ‘¿perteneces al coro?’ (do you belong to the choir?). Obviously, that person is not interested in your voice, precisely.

¿Plumas de gallina?

These are actually two pejorative slangs to describe a gay or lesbian’s attitude or behave, and they are very popular among the ‘chorus’ members. If a gay says that some guy tiene muchas plumas (he has many feathers), of course, he is not describing a carnival costume; he means that this guy’s gestures, voice and manners are histrionic and dramatic. On the other hand, if a lesbian describes another woman as una gallina (a hen), she is not speaking about her lack of bravery but her concern about her appearance: she usually goes to the hairdresser every week, she uses make-up in excess, she always wears impossible heels…

Los palomos cojos

How could a cripple male dove mean ‘gay’? The malicious minds of homophobic people is able to do this kind of word associations. It seems that a male dove that cannot stand on its two legs is not able to procreate. Well, this insult turned into a huge festival in Badajoz (Spain). His mayor, Miguel Celdrán, said in 2011 that there were no ‘palomos cojos’ in his city. The LGBT associations organized a huge parade called La Caravana de Palomos or La Fiesta de los Palomos and also L@s Palom@s. Since then, every year is celebrated in the late spring.


These are only some examples of this jerga (slang) but a whole dictionary could be written. If you want to learn further expressions, don’t hesitate and reserve a free trial lesson via Skype on If you have good broadband coverage, you can even take this lesson inside your closet.