Piano-niños1When we try to explain how animals relate to the enviroment, we have to resort to the well-known five senses: la vista (sight), el oído (hearing), el gusto (taste), el olfato (smell) and el tacto (touch).

These five pillars in our lives are only appreciated when they are lacking. They are so important that languages are full of expressions about them. Today our students will learn more about el tacto and its verb, tocar (to touch).

We can distinguish four main meanings in the verb tocar, although they are just an evolution from the original one:

1. Tocar algo o a alguien: it’s the main meaning of this verb. It’s the action of touching something or someone with a part of your body. Ej: ¡No me toques! (don’t touch me!), toca mi cara, verás qué suave (touch my face, you’ll see how soft it is).
2. Tocar un instrumento o una canción: we prefer “to touch an instrument or a song” rather than “to play an instrument or a song”. So, in the popular movie Casablanca, you should listen to Ingrid Berman saying: “tócala, Sam” (play it Sam) and Sam empezó a tocar el piano (started playing the piano).
3. Tocarle la lotería a alguien: maybe this is my favourite one: winning the lottery is everybody’s dream. Ej: Me ha tocado la lotería (Literally, “the lottery touched me”).
4. Tocarle (el turno) a alguien: I love saying this sentence when I’ve been waiting for my turn in the line for long time: ¿A quién le toca? Me toca a mí (who’s next? It’s my turn).

In addition to these meanings, here you are some untranslatable expressions:

  • Tocar las narices a alguien: to get in someone’s face. Ej: ¡No me toques las narices! (Lit. Don’t touch my nose!).
  • Tocar todos los palos: to be very versatile. This expression comes from flamenco. Los palos are the different styles of flamenco.
  • Toque lo que toque: whatever happens. Ej: Tenemos que seguir adelante, toque lo que toque (we have to go on, no matter what happens).

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