indiferenciaPolitical changes are coming to Spain. 2015 will be an electoral year. Most of Spaniards are going to elect their representatives for the autonomous communities. Furthermore, by the end of the year, we’re going to vote for the national Parliament.

The economical crisis will affect our decisions; even el odio (hate), la ira (wrath), el enfado (anger) or la resignación (resignation) will elect for us. New political parties have come into play: Podemos, Ciudadanos, UPyDwill try to snatch power from those traditional parties which have ruled this country for the last forty years: PP and PSOE.

I think it doesn’t matter if you are a progressive or a conservative person; what is a represhensible behaviour is la indiferencia (the indifference). Today we’ll learn some patterns to express indifference in Spanish.

We can classify these expressions in some groups:

  • Using the word importancia (importance): No me importa, no tiene importancia, no es importante + infinitive, nouns or que + subjunctive:

Ej: No me importa la política (I don’t mind politics); no tiene importancia votar en las elecciones (it’s not important to vote in the elections); no es importante que votemos (it’s not important that we vote). A colloquial variation introduces a valueless thing in the sentence: me importa un pimiento (a pepper), un rábano (a radish), una mierda (a shit) que cambie el país (I don’t give a shit that the country could change).

  • Using words of  igualdad (equality): Me da igual, me da lo mismo, para mí es igual, es lo mismo + infinitive, nouns or que + subjunctive:

Ej: Me dan igual los mítines (Speeches are the same for me); para mí es lo mismo que vayas a votar o no (it’s the same for me that you are going to vote or not).

  • Using rude expressions: Me la suda, me la sopla, me la trae floja, me la trae al viento, me vale madre (in Mexico), me la fuma (in Argentina) + infinitive, nouns or que + subjunctive (I don’t give a fuck). With that “lapronoun we replace the word polla (dick). Don’t ever try to say this in a job interview; we are not responsible for that.

So, if te da igual hablar solo un idioma (it’s the same for you to speak only one language); if no te importa no entender películas en otro idioma (you don’t mind not understanding movies in other language) or te la suda conocer nuevas culturas (you don’t give a fuck about knowing new cultures), you are not keen in learning Spanish via Skype with us. However, if indifference is not a feature of your personality, reserve a free trial lesson on; you will find no indifference here.