Free Trial LessonAre you planning to learn Spanish? Are you going to do business in Spain and you need to refresh your vocabulary? Do you need to get the Spanish nationality and take the DELE Exams? Your answer is a free trial lesson on

We are very proud of our trial lesson because it’s the best way to show you our face and provide all the information you need about our curriculum. In addition to this, we make the most of it breaking the ice and preparing the ground for the first lesson.

However, many of our readers can wonder what to expect. Let’s shed light on this.

After requesting the free trial lesson on our site, you’ll get two emails: one from the administration, suggesting a date and time for the lesson and another from your teacher, with an introduction of himself, a welcome message and the materials you will need for the class. Beside this, a Skype invitation will be sent to your account in order to add your teacher as a contact. If you confirm the date and time, that’s all, you’ll be learning Spanish.

The class will be 20 minutes, divided into three parts: bienvenida (welcome), nuestro método (our method) and ejemplo de clase (demo lesson).


During the first minutes, the teacher and student will know each other, and we’ll be very interested in your experience with Spanish language, your motivation and goals. Talking about some trivial topics will help to release tensions and prepare you for the next stage.

Nuestro método

This is the best moment to ask all your questions, clear up doubts and confirm if our system will suit you well. The teacher will explain how we work, the different kind of courses we have, the materials we provide, the feedback we offer and the amazing flexibility you’ll find to reserve your lessons.

Ejemplo de clase

It’s essentially what you will have been waiting for: the lesson itself. Of course, condensed in about 10 minutes. The teacher will prepare a balanced timing among conversation, grammar, vocabulary and exercises, in order to show you the different tools we use.

Retroalimentación (feedback)

Before and after the lesson, the student can always be in touch with both, administration and teacher, for any doubt he or she may have. After the class, the teacher will write a report of the lesson with all the new vocabulary, grammar structures learnt during the session and the student’s mistakes corrected with explanations. This document will be sent via email, as well as another one from our admin staff that will guide you to start booking classes on our system.

Learning Spanish was never so easy as now: from home, via Skype, 1-to-1 and competitive fees. Reserve now your free trial lesson here and be part of Spanish world and