There is no doubt that Spaniards love football, at least most of us do. The rising success of Spanish sport has put our sportsmen and sportswomen into the spotlight all around the world. However, the importance of sports and football in our society is not just a fad. During more than a century, football has influenced our culture and our language.

Today, on our blog, we are going to focus on three colloquial expressions that have to do with football slang.

Think about a young couple. She got pregnant “by accident”. Their families force them instantly to get married. We may say: “Se han casado de penalti” (literally, “they got married by a penalty”). In English we can find a more violent expression: “they had a shotgun wedding”.

Now let’s go to a Spanish lesson on Skype. You decide to learn Spanish on and in your free trial lesson the teacher asks you “How do you say ‘I’d like’ in Spanish?” You can’t believe it! You knew it but now it’s gone! Your mind’s gone blank! In Spanish we could say: “Te han pillado en fuera de juego” (literally, “you’ve been caught offside”).

Finally, we’ll focus on the verb “golear” and its family words. We’ve created this verb from the famous English “goal” to nominate the action of scoring in a football match. But nowadays, it’s also used in many other situations. If you sold much more than your workmate last month, “lo has goleado”. If you are a better student than your classmate, you can say “yo lo gano por goleada”.

As you can see, languages are like sponges: they absorb everything.