Are you a good studentA good language student, nace o se hace (is born or made)? This is a fair question that often gets an unfair answer. We can call it genetics, fate or God’s will, but for sure, we’d all like to have one of these. For the ones that are not so lucky, they need to work harder in order to learn a new language.

For those who wonder whether they might learn Spanish easily or not, we’ll show you some questions that you should ask yourself.

Are you ready to face the truth? Keep reading, then.

1. ¿Me cuesta terminar los proyectos que empiezo?

If it’s hard for you to finish your projects, if you have started different Spanish courses or if you have tried some websites but you’ve never taken more than three of four lessons, there are two possibilities: either you are very inconstant or you have not found the right place to learn.

For the first problem, you should work on finding a good motivation to start learning; a student with the proper incentive, may learn whatever. However, if finding the correct place is a trouble for you, try a free trial lesson on Spanishviaskype and maybe you wouldn’t need to read more!

2. ¿Se me da mal la gramática?

Don’t worry if you are not good at grammar; there is life beyond it. What is important to know is what your purpose is. Do you need to speak Spanish just for fun or for your travels around America or Spain? Then, vocabulary and fluency gain importance, together with other communicative skills. On the other hand, if you need to manage formal conversations or writing articles, reports or letters, you should master our grammar.

Nevertheless, on Spanishviaskype, we work with an inductive method that will help you learn the rules of our language step by step and in a natural way: forget about learning never-ending lists!

3. ¿Soy un negado para aprender de memoria el vocabulario?

If you feel useless when you learn vocabulary by heart, congratulations! You are perfectly normal: most of students say that. It’s not your fault but old-fashioned language systems’. Very popular apps are based on this. At first, you are full of confidence because you can memorize a pile of words. However, eventually, the ball grows larger and larger until you cannot absorb so much information. Again, our method via Skype will help you if you are not the speed memory recordman.

4. ¿Soy capaz de hablar fluido o parezco un robot?

As we mentioned above, fluency is very important if your goal is to have good conversations in Spanish. If you feel that your speech is very intermittent, there are several reasons that explain that. You might not have the enough amount of vocabulary and structures internalized, or maybe, you are a shy person and you need more confidence in yourself. Both of them have solutions and on Spanishviaskype you will find warm teachers that make you feel like if you were talking with a friend, so that you will only need to focus on linguistic matters.

In consequence, it’s not accurate to say if you are a good or bad language student. It’s better to find out whether you have used the best tools and tutors. If you feel like this, give us a chance and reserve a free trial lesson here: let yourself become a good student.