san valentinToday is the day of love. Millions of roses are given to girlfriends and wives. From we wish you all, Feliz día de San Valentín (Happy St. Valentine’s day) and what better way to celebrate this day, than a love Story?

Érase una vez (Once upon a time) in Teruel, a young boy called Juan and a beautiful girl, called Isabel. A él le gustaba ella (He fancied her), y le pidió salir (and he asked her out). Pronto se enamoraron (soon they fell in love). But there was a problem (there’s always one): her father was a rich and renowned man. Juan was not rich at all and Isabel made him promise her that they’d never be together unless her father accepted it. Then, he decided to travel around the world in order to become rich and he asked her to wait for him five years.

Meanwhile, Isabel’s father tried to persuade her daughter to casarse (get married). Many suitors tried to ligar con ella (to hook up with her), pero les daba calabazas a todos (but she turned them all down).

Finally, the five years passed, but Juan didn’t come back. She had to accept one man to be her husband, se comprometió con él (she got engaged to him) and se casaron (they got married). She thought that Juan had died during his travel. However, one day, he returned home. He went to Isabel’s house to talk to her. When she told she was already married, él le pidió un beso (he asked her for a kiss). She told him she’d always love him, pero ella no podía serle infiel a su marido (but she couldn’t be unfaithful to her husband). Suddenly, he fell dead.

The funeral day, she ran into the church and went close to his body. Then, she gave him the kiss she had refused to give him in life. At that time, she died, too.

From that moment on, if a relationship causes a misfortune, we have an old saying: Sois como los amantes de Teruel, tonta ella y tonto él (You are like the lovers from Teruel, silly her and silly him).

Don’t let your wishes escape and if you wish to learn Spanish, we’ll help you with all our love. Reserve a free trial lesson here. Have a lovely Saint Valentine’s Day.


Tumba de los amantes en la iglesia de San Pedro de Teruel.

Los amantes de Teruel, by Juan Eugenio Hartzenbusch, from Project Gutenberg.