new_years_eve_2015Nochevieja (New Year’s Eve), the last night of the year is here and it’s time to celebrate it. Many events have happened during this year. Some of them will pass to Spanish history, like the proclamation of Felipe VI as the new king of Spain.

Tonight most of Spaniards are having dinner with their families, but the most important moment of the night will come five minutes to twelve. What do we do at that time? Read our last article of this year and you’ll find it out.

Las uvas are the point. We must eat one grape for each last 12 seconds of the year. Imagine 45 millions of people doing the same thing at the same time. Can you believe it? Grapes are the symbol of a good harvest and we’re supposed to have a full of luck year if we are able to eat one grape for each month.

Other well-known superstition is wearing some red clothes that night. We often try to put on red underwear, red shoes or red accessories.

Some people also put some gold jewellery into their glass of champagne. They think that gold attracts money for the new year.

However, what we all do is thinking our resolutions for the upcoming year. We can express deseos (wishes): Ojalá termine la crisis económica (I hope the economical crisis will finish); or we can think about our obligaciones (obligations): tengo que encontrar trabajo (I have to find a job).

On the other hand, some of us regret about something: Debería haber comido menos en Navidad (I should have eaten less at Christmas).

Don’t worry, after this moment, everybody will forget all of this and they will eat turrón (nougat candy). Later, young people will go out with their friends and they’ll attend los cotillones (New Year’s Eve parties).

So, from te deseamos un feliz año nuevo (we wish you a happy new year) and we suggest a resolution for 2015: reserve a Spanish free trial lesson here and learn Spanish via Skype.