We’re suffering the first ola de calor (heat wave) of the year in Spain. We have holidays and the beach in mind but, unfortunately, it’s just May! However, many foreign tourists are planning to come here in the coming weeks.

The only concern they have is learning Spanish in order to immerse themselves in our culture completely. On Spanishviaskype, we can see a significant increase in lesson reservations.

Today, we’ll clear up as many doubts as we can about our lessons, reservation system, teachers and programs.

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions about Spanishviaskype.

1. How can I request a trial lesson?

It’s very easy. First, click on this link; complete the form on the left (don’t forget to specify the days and times you are available) and you will get a reply in less than 24 hours. Remember that this 20 minutes lesson is totally free.

2. How can I book a lesson?

Did you like the trial lesson? Now it’s time to reserve. Go to our booking system. Choose the class program, the teacher, the date and time you prefer. Sign up and checkout. Now, relax and enjoy your lessons.

3. How can I pay for my lessons?

Three ways are available: paypal, credit card and bank transfer. If you choose this last one, please, let us know first (admin@spanishviaskype.com) in order to send you our bank details.

4. Will the lessons I’ve paid for expire?

Yes they will. However, you will have 12 months to enjoy them. So, if you buy a block of classes, you will have time enough to book your lessons.

5. Can I change my teacher whenever I want?

Of course! You can reserve your lessons with the same teacher or choose a different one. There’s no limitations on that.

6. Can I cancel or reschedule a class?

Sure! You can do both, 24 hours in advance. Go to the “Customer area”, sign in and click on “Your bookings”. Then, select the class and click on “cancel my booking” or “change” in order to reschedule it.

7. Should I buy a book or any other materials?

Not at all. We will provide you with all the materials you might need during your lessons. You will also receive a report of the class and homeworks, so that you can practice and study at home.

8. Is it possible to make questions to my teacher at any moment?

Yes, it is. If you have any doubt about Spanish, our teachers will help you kindly. Write them an email or a message via Skype and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

9. Do the lessons have the same length and price?

No, they don’t. Depending on the type of lesson, the fees and the duration change. Click on this link and you will find all the different options.

10. What if I am not good at computers nor Skype?

Don’t worry. You only need to have basic skills and get Skype installed with your own personal account. Our teachers will help you if you have problems during the lesson. On this link you will find an useful tutorial.

These are only ten of the most frequently asked questions that our students have made. If you have different ones, don’t hesitate and write us an email. If you want to ask them it in person, reserve a free trial lesson here. All your questions will be answered.