¡Me derrito!So far, this summer is colder than others. But last days, at least in Madrid, the heat is unbearable! My English friends would say: It’s so hot I can fry an egg on the sidewalk!

In Spanish there are also different ways to let others know the uncomfortable high temperatures we suffer. I want to share some of them with you.


The most common ones are:  ¡Hace un calor que te torras! (the heat is roasting you!) or Hace un calor infernal (it´s hotter than hell).


If the place you are in is very hot you can say: Esto parece un horno (this is like an oven).


If you can´t bear the heat you can say: Me muero de calor ( I am dying of heat!) or  Me derrito ( I am melting).


There are some other expressions that we use a lot but are a bit more difficult to translate: ¡Qué bochorno! or ¡Estoy achicharrada!


Do you know anymore? are there sayings like these ones in your country? Share them with us.