hispanidadNext Monday the 12th of October we celebrate el Día de la Hispanidad (the Hispanicity Day), the national day in Spain. You may wonder why this date. On the 12th of October, 1492, Christopher Columbus, supported by Spanish Crown, arrived to America and connected it for the first time with Europe.

Although Spain’s influence is not political or administrative in “el Nuevo Mundo” (the New World) anymore, millions of people are still sharing something in common: the language.

However, what’s this day? Is it a fiesta? A festival, maybe? Is it a juerga or a festejo? Perhaps a festividad? Today we’ll learn the different words we use to celebrate an event.

  • Fiesta: It’s an international well-known Spanish word but it has some different meanings. Fiesta can be a national, regional o local celebration, but also a gathering of people who want to have a good time, usually involving food and music. Even a religious celebration can be translated with this word. Finally, it’s synonymous to going out, going to the disco… So, fiesta can be a party, celebration, festivity, nightlife or even holiday. La fiesta de la tomatina, la fiesta del Carnaval or even una fiesta en mi casa (a party in my house), are good examples.
  • Festividad: It’s more specific and more used for religious celebrations. In some cases, it can be used for other events like la festividad del Día de la Hispanidad.
  • Festival: It refers to musical or artistic events, such as el Festival de Cine de San Sebastián.
  • Juerga: It’s very colloquial and we use it just for nightlife events. A mí me encanta la juerga que hay en España.
  • Festejo: it’s the more general one. It’s an event where we can enjoy and it has some reason to be held. El festejo de la victoria en la Copa del Mundo fue increíble.

Regarding these words, there are two more which cause confusion in our students. Can we attend to an exposición in a fiesta, or maybe to an exhibition?

  • Exposición: it’s the action of showing artistics works such as photographies, paintings, sculptures, drawings…En el Museo del Prado puedes ver una exposición de Picasso. (At the Prado Museum you can see an exhibition about Picasso).
  • Exhibición: it’s a performance, usually related to sports, dancing or other physical activities or showing how to create something in public (cooking, manufacturing, craftworking…). En la Plaza Mayor de Madrid puedes ver una exhibición del chef Ferra Adrià. (At Plaza Mayor in Madrid you can see an exhibition by the chef Ferra Adrià).

If you think in Spain todos los días hay alguna fiesta (everyday there are some parties), why don’t you come here and you figure it out? Maybe the first step is learning the language. Try a free trial lesson here on www.spanishviaskype.com, because learning Spanish with us using Skype, it’s also una fiesta.