ID-100305065Many people make New Year’s resolutions in January, but we prefer to do it now! What do you want to do or change in 2016? We give you a great idea: Learn Spanish!! There are just 11 days left to start a new year and we want you to take advantage of this promotion, so you can start learning this beautiful language in January. New year, new goals!

Did you know nearly 500 million people around the world speak Spanish? Yes! So, go ahead and start learning the second most-widely spoken language as a mother tongue in the world (after Mandarin and before English)!!Promo Navidad_2015


  • Buy one block of 10 classes and automatically get another lesson free!

11 classes for 185 euros

  • Buy one block of 20 classes and automatically get 2 lessons free!

22 classes for 360 euros

  • Buy one block of 30 classes and automatically get 3 lessons free!

33 classes for 510 euros

  • Buy one block of 40 classes and automatically get 4 lessons free!

44 classes for 640 euros


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Promotion dates (period to book classes): December 21st – December 31th, 2015

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