conversacion-amigosDo you want to enjoy next summer holidays in the Spanish “playa” (beach)? Do you want to travel to Latin America? Do you need to talk to your Spanish speakers clients? Spanish is in right now. Nearly 500 million people speak Spanish in the world. Do you want to join us?

Did you take a look at our new website? If you do it, you’ll see that we have a new section: Spanish Conversation Classes. This programme is by far the best way to improve your real spoken Spanish and listening abilities, and get to a level where you can use it in real life situations.

Our Spanish conversation classes (30 minutes long) are made for each student individually. They will be at your level, studying what you need and what interests you.

There are four components to language learning: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. However, first and foremost language is spoken, so spend as much time speaking and listening as possible. This is another problem with most learning; it focuses on grammar and reading whereas these are only auxiliaries to the fundamental aspect of language as a spoken medium.

Our Spanish Conversation lessons easily motivate students to use language creatively through role-plays, conversation starters, problem-solving tasks and content-based activities. Students practice key language functions such as persuading, obtaining information, responding to requests, expressing preferences and giving commands. Numerous authentic documents, photographs, illustrations, and readings throughout the text provide points of departure for discussion, debate and cross-cultural comparison.

If you want to have some grammar with your conversation, we also can do that. Remember that these classes are tailor-made!

If you really want to speak Spanish fluently take a look at our Spanish Conversation classes. They are effective and fun!!