Icono logo cuadradoOur goal is to help our students to improve their Spanish level. First of all, with our Spanish classes on Skype: tailor-made and one to one courses, just as you were sitting opposite your teacher. Secondly, advising our students different ways to keep practicing Spanish in different contexts such us our own country. Some of them ask us about the best way to come to Spain to practice the language and that’s why today we bring you a good idea to achieve it: Español in situ.

This company offers a residential programme where you can immerse yourself in Spanish linguistically and socially, situated in areas of culture and nature within Andalucia. Not only art, flamenco, gastronomy or history, but also personal experiences and projects, opinions, likes and dislikes. A perfect mix of quality tourism, living together in a group and Spanish learning which will ensure you have a productive holiday.

Lola Estañ Meseguer, assistant director and linguistic coordinator at Español in situ, explains their philosophy: “We know that language is not the only objective, but a way of meeting people, of expressing wishes, sharing ideas, etc. With this in mind, we have designed an interesting programme of communicative activities, which will encourage people to participate and practice the language in a natural way”.

All their programmes include between 75 and 120 hours to practice Spanish; continuous assessment by teachers who are experts in the teaching of Spanish; living together with Spanish-speakers; full-board accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner); a complete and varied schedule of cultural and communicative activities; learning material and certificate.

So, if you are thinking about coming to Spain, take a look at Español in situ because we are sure that you’ll find the programme that suits you best in order to improve your communicative skills in Spanish, gaining confidence, verbal fluency and oral comprehension while you discover different aspects of modern culture in Spanish: art, music, gastronomy, etc.

Is there a better idea than learning Spanish with us and then come to Spain thanks to Español in situ to practice it in a productive holiday with excellent company and enjoying places of great cultural interest?