china españolRecently, we are used to watching “Talent Shows” on TV. In these contests, a group of anonymous singers or artists try to become celebrities.  From Britain’s Got Talent, to American Idol, we’ve watched hundreds of versions in different countries and languages. La Voz (The Voice) is the most watched one in Spain.

What about China? I think Asian countries are a different world. I never cease to be amazed at their imagination and originality. And what does this have to do with Learning Spanish? Very simple: They don’t look for the best singer nor artist; no they don’t.

El gran concurso del español (The Great Contests of Spanish Language) is CCTV’s (China Network Television) last idea. They’ve been searching for the best Spanish Speaker in their country. And who is this? Deng Yuqing, a 21 young girl who lived for several months in Barcelona, won this contest.

She had to sing Esto es África, by Shakira, dance a Pasodoble (traditional Spanish dancing) or recite Platero y yo,(a lyric prose work by Juan Ramon Jiménez).

Deng Yuqing is studying Filología Hispánica (a bachelor of Spanish Language and Literature degree), at the moment. Where is she going on her next holydays? Peru. That is the prize she awarded in the contest.

This is only one of the examples of the increase of Spanish all over the world. So, if you are Chinese and want to win the next season contest, don’t hesitate and learn Spanish from home on