Dando el callo

dar-y-recibirHow easy it would be to learn a new language if every single world meant just one meaning… but how poor this language would be, too, wouldn’t’ it?

Today, the word in the spotlight is the verb dar (to give). Just like to get, the verb dar is used in very different contexts in Spanish. When we teach Spanish via Skype, we realise that it’s a problem for our students. Let’s see some of them:

We can accept or refuse proposals:

¡No me da la gana!: I don’t feel like doing it.

Me da igual / lo mismo: I don’t have a preference.

We can express our feelings:

Me da miedo: I’m afraid of

Me da vergüenza: I’m ashamed to

Me da asco: It’s disgusting

We can say our opinions:

Me da a mí que…: I think that…

Or just to form new verbs:

Dar el callo: To work hard.

A mí no me la das: You can’t cheat me.

Me doy cuenta de que…: I realize that…

So, are you learning Spanish? Do you know more uses of the verb dar? Da tu opinión and comment this article.

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