blackfridayThe consumist storm finally passed away; or maybe is it just taking a break? Last Friday the whole world had the chance to buy all those kind of things we don’t really need, but you know what? It doesn’t matter, they are on sale! ¿Y si las necesito en el futuro? (What if I need them eventually?). Black Friday has become the most profitable day for shops of all kind. even more than Christmas Day.

Nevertheless, do we have enough with that day? Never it’s enough: three days later, Cyber Monday took us to the stores, but in a more comfortable way, from home. It’s the future, as our students on know. With just a click from your mouse, a universe of products are within reach. Today, we’re going to learn vocabulary to buy in a Spanish site with no fear.

  • Suscríbete, Regístrate, crear una cuenta: all of these terms you can find to “sign in” a web site or to create a new account.
  • Identifícate, accede, entra…: once you have an account, you can “log in” the system with un nombre de usuario y una contraseña (a username and a password).
  • La cesta, el carrito: if you liked a product you can press the button that says añadir a la cesta (add to cart) or maybe just comprar (buy). All your selections will be stored in la cesta (the basket) or el carrito (the cart) until you finish your shopping.
  • Tramitar el pedido, iniciar compra…: at this point, your consumist impulses may still have a solution. This is the moment when you’ll confirm your information.
  • Dirección de envío: here you should fill it with your “shipping address”.
  • Dirección de facturación: if your “billing address” is different from the previous one, you can fill this field.
  • Opciones de pago: here, we usually have different “payment options”. PayPal, tarjeta de crédito (credit card), tarjetas regalo (gift cards), transferencia bancaria (bank transfer), contra rembolso (cash on delivery), etc.
  • Código promocional: haven’t you ever searched for a promotional code in Google? It’s funny, it’s like going fishing: It’s time to pay, a blank field called código promocional is in front of you and you can’t accept not having one. You think a good Samaritan might have shared one of his on the Internet, and of course, you have to find it.
  • Gastos de envío: perhaps the hatest expression of its kind. Shipping or delivery costs inflate el total de tu pedido (your order total). We can often find three kind of them: Envío gratuito (free shipping), envío normal o regular (standard shipping) and envío rápido (expedited shipping).
  • Hacer tu pedido, confirmar pedido: before placing or confirming your order, you’ll probably get un resumen de tu pedido (order summary), where you’ll find all los productos (items), gastos de envío y manipulación (shipping and handing costs), total sin IVA (total before VAT) and el total del pedido (the order total).
  • Correo de confirmación: if you receive this “confirmation email” no hay vuelta atrás (there is no way back). Your order has been processed.

As you can see, it’s very simple to buy something on the Net. The most difficult task is to know what you really need to buy. Why don’t you try to buy some Spanish classes via Skype? It’s comfortable and convenient. We, unlike other e-commerce companies, offer you the chance to try our products totally free. Reserve your 20 minutes free trial lesson here. Why just a Cyber Monday and not a “Cyber everyday”?