CEO reading a newspaperUn cargo es una carga, as the Spanish saying goes: something like “a responsibility is a burden”. Nevertheless, millennials dream of becoming the ultimate CEO and having a legion of followers on Twitter, Facebook or whaterver social network.

CEO, CIO, CFO… All these initials, incomprehensible for many people, longed-for by others, are the modern titles of respect, power and wealth. All of them describe the corporate tittles given to company and organization officials. However, if you want to work for a company in Spain, you should know the equivalent Spanish names for these positions.

La Real Academia Española (the Royal Spanish Academy), recommends insistently not to use the English terms, but it’s true that they have become very popular nowadays. Well, how are they called in Spanish?

  • CEO: The Chief Executive Officer is the most important position in charge of managing a company or organization. Many translations in Spanish are proposed: director ejecutivo, director general, jefe ejecutivo, consejero delegado…
  • CFO: The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for managing the financial risk of the corporation. They report directly to el director ejecutivo. In Spanish it’s called director de finanzas or financiero.
  • CTO: The Chief Technical Officer deals with scientific and technological strategies. El director de tecnología sometimes manages the research and development department (investigación y desarrollo), too.
  • CMO: The Chief Marketing Officer. This leads brand management, marketing communications, market research, sales management, product development… We know this position as director de marketing in Spain.
  • COO: The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for the daily operations of the company. It’s well-known that el jefe de operaciones is the best positioned candidate to be the next CEO of the corporation.
  • CHRO: The Chief Human Resources Officer manages all aspects of human resource management and industrial relations policies. Currently, el jefe de recursos humanos must focus on talent, capabilities and culture of the company.

Although English terms are gaining ground against Spanish ones in business world, you should master this specific vocabulary if you want to be successful in a corporation in Spain. On we will help you to achieve it. Join our Spanish Business Course or reserve a free trial lesson here. Learning Spanish via Skype with us might help you to become an acclaimed director ejecutivo.