Pass the DELE Exam: A2 oral part

How to pass the DELE Exam? This is a FAQ (frequently asked question) made by our students. The answer is not simple. It depends on your Spanish level, your communicative skills and your ability of controlling your nerves. However, everybody can pass the DELE Exam learning Spanish online on Spanishviaskype. [...]

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How to pass DELE exams: rewriting a text in C2

DELE preparation lessons are one of the most demanded courses at Spanishviaskype.com. However, C2 level is, by far, the least taken, due to the difficulties to reach that mastery of the Spanish language. A C2 speaker is not supposed to have any problem to understand any oral or written registry (formal or informal) and, of [...]

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Tips to pass your DELE exam

The first DELE exams (Instituto Cervantes) of 2018 are near and our Preparation for DELE course is crowded. At SpanishviaSkype.com, our teachers (who are also accredited as DELE examiners) are receiving many requests for a free trial lesson from students who want to improve their chances to pass this test. Many of these candidates have [...]

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SpanishviaSkype in Move Me, Naples Conference 2017

Next Friday 13th and Saturday 14th, Naples (Italy) will host Move me, the 2nd International Conference on MOOCs, language learning and mobility. In consequence, the city in front of Vesubio will be the centre of online teaching world, and www.spanishviaskype.com, as it could not be otherwise, can’t miss this opportunity. We’ll [...]

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A new edition of DELE is here!

As most of you know, there is another edition of DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) next month (written exam will be November 22th and 23th and for the oral exam you must consult the testing center), so if you want to register, don’t wait too much because the registration date expires on October [...]

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¡Apúntate al DELE! (B1)

Como muchos de vosotros ya sabéis, los DELE son los Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera, unos títulos oficiales que otorga el Instituto Cervantes (en nombre del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte de España) para acreditar que una persona tiene un determinado dominio del español.  […]

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El Instituto Cervantes, presente en 44 países

El Instituto Cervantes ya está presente en 86 ciudades de 44 países del mundo a través de 64 centros completos, 12 Aulas Cervantes y 10 extensiones (aulas complementarias de un centro o de otra aula). Esta institución pública se creó en 1991 para promocionar el español y las lenguas cooficiales de España.  [...]

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