Advanced Spanish grammar rules you should know

Advanced Spanish grammar rules might be a nightmare for B2-C1 level students. However, our teachers on consider these contents a motivation and a challenge. There is nothing more rewarding for us than the evolution of our students from basic to advanced levels. Let’s see some advanced Spanish grammar rules you should know. […]

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How to pass DELE exams: rewriting a text in C2

DELE preparation lessons are one of the most demanded courses at However, C2 level is, by far, the least taken, due to the difficulties to reach that mastery of the Spanish language. A C2 speaker is not supposed to have any problem to understand any oral or written registry (formal or informal) and, of [...]

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Hablar más de un idioma protege tu cerebro (C1)

  … No lo decimos nosotros, sino un trabajo publicado este mes en la revista Annals of Neurology, que demuestra que el bilingüismo (bilingualism) retrasa el deterioro cognitivo asociado a la edad y lo hace independientemente del cociente intelectual (intelligence quotient) del sujeto y del momento en que se adquieran las lenguas distintas a la materna (mother tongue). [...]

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