How the speaking process works? (C1)

Everytime we think about learning a new language, the same topics come to our mind: grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, pronunciation… but we never wonder how we learnt our mother tongue in the first place. The answer to that question is very simple: “because we can”. Humans have the physical tools [...]

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Time is relative (C1)

Albert Einstein was a man ahead of his time… or maybe “behind of his time”. Not for nothing, he said: “El tiempo es relativo (time is relative)”. Actually, he was not a brilliant boy at school, according to his teachers. However, he became the most recognized scientist in the 20th century. As a result of [...]

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Spanish course for medical professionals (B1)

  Today’s medical professionals must adapt to meet the challenges that come with the growing demographic diversity in the health care population. This often requires that health care providers learn to communicate clearly and effectively with patients and their relatives in a second language, such Spanish.  SpanishviaSkype has designed a Spanish Course for Medical Professionals [...]

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Tabúes sexuales (C1)

I’ve been always fascinated by human’s ability to conceal natural things because of morality, ethics, religion or complexes. It’s very funny when babies start learning to talk and suddenly they say: “pito, culo, caca…” (penis, butt, crap) and their blushed parents tell them off, due to their embarrassment. All of these (rude?) words are called [...]

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Tacos (I): Sex Mex

Taco. What do our students on think when they hear this word? Rica comida mexicana (delicious Mexican food). And they’re right. Mexico has put its own word in the “world wide dictionary”, that vocabulary list that everybody recognizes even though they don’t know about its origin. Taco is a Mexican dish made of a [...]

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Entre el cielo y el infierno (C1)

La Semana Santa (Easter)  is finished and we start the long way to summer holidays. There have been days of faith and prayers for some and a week of beaches or hiking for others; Seville  was crowded with believers, but Spanish coasts were full of tourists; la Semana Santa is one of the most expected [...]

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Aprnd spñl x Skype (C1)

Since new technologies have reached into our lives, languages have had to adapt to these changes. Firstly, SMS spread the world some decades ago. This cellular messaging system allowed us to communicate with somebody very quickly. This speed we need in our current lives, made us change and shorten words, in order not to waste [...]

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Hablar más de un idioma protege tu cerebro (C1)

  … No lo decimos nosotros, sino un trabajo publicado este mes en la revista Annals of Neurology, que demuestra que el bilingüismo (bilingualism) retrasa el deterioro cognitivo asociado a la edad y lo hace independientemente del cociente intelectual (intelligence quotient) del sujeto y del momento en que se adquieran las lenguas distintas a la materna (mother tongue). [...]

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El español contiene cerca de 10.000 palabras árabes (C1)

La lengua española contiene cerca de 10.000 palabras árabes recogidas en el diccionario de la Real Academia Española (RAE). No es de extrañar, si tenemos en cuenta que este pueblo permaneció en la península ibérica entre los años 711 y 1609 (fecha de la expulsión de los moriscos, antiguos musulmanes que se habían convertido al [...]

España, tierra de piropos (C1)

Una amiga polaca que lleva muchos años viviendo en España se sigue sorprendiendo de los piropos (flirtatious remark) que recibe por la calle (es rubia y con ojos azules, así que llama bastante la atención) y lo mismo les ocurre a muchos de nuestros estudiantes de español que se encuentran en inmersión y  temporalmente viven [...]

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