How to Express Future in Spanish

How to express future in Spanish? That is a good question during an election campaign. Next Sunday, Spaniards will decide their future, one more time. Politicians love talking about future, promises and plans. There are many ways to express future in Spanish, as happens with the English language. It depends [...]

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10 words that will change your business skills (B1)

Hacer negocios, doing business, is the most competitive and challenging experience for a professional. At SpanishviaSkype you will find the course you are looking for. Spanish Lessons for Business is the best way to improve your verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Leading a business meeting, giving presentations and negotiating, writing correspondence [...]

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Errare humanum est (II) (B1)

Errar, fallar, equivocarse… (to make mistakes) it doesn’t matter the synonym you may chose. We never want to use them. Making mistakes is the main reason for not daring to speak in a foreign language. However, as we explained formerly here, even native speakers make multiples of them. El dardo [...]

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Don’t say this in a job interview (B1)

It’s never easy to deal with a job interview. On, we help our students from a linguistic point of view: the common questions they’ll find or how to write a professional email, etc. However, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to learning the best answers, but also how to avoid the [...]

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CEO, What’s that? (B1)

Un cargo es una carga, as the Spanish saying goes: something like “a responsibility is a burden”. Nevertheless, millennials dream of becoming the ultimate CEO and having a legion of followers on Twitter, Facebook or whaterver social network. CEO, CIO, CFO… All these initials, incomprehensible for many people, longed-for by [...]

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