Is Spanish a sexist language? (A2)

Grammatical gender is one of the easiest linguistic categories in English language. Nevertheless, it’s more complicated in Spanish. On Spanish for Different Levels Course at our students can learn how to form masculine and feminine nouns, adjectives and pronouns. For many years, feminism has been fighting against inequality between [...]

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On the road again (A2)

“See here I am on the road again…” With these verses, the metal band Metallica “turn the page” after riding for sixteen hours “on a long and lonesome highway”. The summer is coming to an end and 40 million of travels by car are expected during August. La Guardia Civil [...]

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Propósito de Año Nuevo: disfrutar aprendiendo (A2)

El nuevo año ya está aquí y además de querer desearos todo lo mejor para este 2017, queremos regalaros unos consejos para seguir aprendiendo español en Spanishviaskype cada día con más ganas y más ilusión. Mucha gente cuando comienza el año, hace una lista de propósitos de año nuevo (New Year’s Resolutions). Y dentro de [...]

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Do you want to speak Spanish to your children? (A2)

  In the last two years we have noticed an increasing demand for Spanish classes for children. Most of their parents have studied Spanish at some point and are comfortable reading and pronouncing the language, but don’t have enough fluency or vocabulary to use it naturally. So today we are going to provide you with a [...]

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Exploring the verb “tener”: idiomatic expressions (A2)

The Spanish verb “tener” means “to have”, but it’s also used in some idiomatic expressions because we use it not only to talk about possession, but also to express very different sensations: “tengo hambre” (I’m hungry), “mi hermano tiene 42  años” (my brother is 42 years old) or “mi hija tiene frío” (my daughter is cold). Let’s [...]

Ya vs todavía: enemigos íntimos (A2)

David vs Goliath, Cleopatra vs Cicero, Achilles vs Hector… legends and history are full of antagonisms. Opposite words are called antonyms, the Yin-Yang of linguistics. They are usually easy to use: we just need to choose one or the other: simple like that. However, our students on eventually find [...]

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El Día de la Hispanidad (A2)

Next Monday the 12th of October we celebrate el Día de la Hispanidad (the Hispanicity Day), the national day in Spain. You may wonder why this date. On the 12th of October, 1492, Christopher Columbus, supported by Spanish Crown, arrived to America and connected it for the first time with Europe. Although Spain’s influence is [...]

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