United States Customs and Border Protection agency “speaks” Spanish

United States Customs and Border Protection Agency (Agencia de Protección de Fronteras y Aduanas) is now offering a Spanish-language information service. This agency says is a “first step” (primer paso) toward providing Spanish-speakers a more effective means of communicating with agents responsible for protecting the nation’s borders (las fronteras del país). […]

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Errare humanum est (A1)

“To err is human”. Historians don’t agree if this quote’s autor is Seneca, Cicero or St. Augustine, but everybody has used it. It’s the perfect excuse when we made a mistake. “Oh, teacher, I’m sorry, I failed this calculation, but, you know… errare humanum est”.When we learn a new language, it’s [...]

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Numbers (I): the universal language (A1)

Globalization has increased the need of learning languages. Information travels at the speed of light and we have to be ready to be able to understand it. All of us should learn English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic… for different reasons: economic, sociopolitical, labour or just tourist ones. However, neither English nor Spanish are or will be [...]

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Happy World Book Day!

¡Feliz Día del Libro!  Today libraries and bookshops close at an unusual hour and there are lots of things to do during the day. In Catalonia, in the north east of Spain, men gave women roses, and women gave men a book to celebrate the occasion: “a rose for love and a book forever.” [...]

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