Reflexive and reciprocal pronouns in Spanish

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Reflexive and reciprocal pronouns are a matter of concern among our studens on You should know that there are different types of pronouns in Spanish, depending on their function: subject, […]

Common Spanish Idioms: Here Comes the Sun

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Common Spanish idioms help Spanish students sound more natural. Idioms are fixed phrases that have a figurative meaning. This sense is totally different from the literal meaning that the words in the […]

False Friends between Spanish and German

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False friends or cognates are always a matter of laughter between teachers and students of languages. All of us try to assimilate words from the language we’re learning into our mother tongue’s vocabulary. A false […]

Spanish at the airport: conversations and vocabulary

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Are you ready to speak Spanish at the airport? Tomorrow it starts the most demanded month to go on vacation: August. Around 10.2 million tourists came to Spain last year, according […]

Tips to Speak Spanish during Summer

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Our students on ask us for tips to speak Spanish during summer. How can I improve my Spanish speaking skills if I travel to Spain on holidays? Well, the answer […]

Impersonal Sentences in Spanish

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Impersonal sentences in Spanish are constructions used to express an action without saying specifically who executed it. Therefore, these expressions are quite useful if we want to emphasize any part of the sentence rather than […]