My little puppyThey’re often kind, loving and faithfull; they usually obey our commands and they won’t hesitate to defend you whenever you need… Of course, they are dogs, our best friends. But are they? I don’t think so, at least when we speak Spanish.

We have lots of expressions where dogs are included in. If you are having a rough time, you have no money, no job, many problems… Estás llevando una vida de perros (you are living a dog’s life). But perhaps you don’t have a job because you are not looking for it, if this is your case, tú eres un perro (you are a dog, a lazy person).

Have you ever decided something and everybody tells you are wrong, you will fail? But you’ll still do it; then, te has emperrado en ello (you persist in it).

Imagine you are taking a lesson from and the teacher asks you what you are going to do this weekend; you tell him you’re going to the beach, but your teacher warns you about the weather forecast: Este fin de semana va a hacer un tiempo de perros (This weekend is going to be a very bad weather). Smoke starts coming from your ears, your face turns red… Tienes cara perro (You have a dog’s face, very angry face, te pones de mala leche).

Recently I got a dog, a female puppy (in the photo above). And according to me, she lives better than me, she’s always running and jumping, she is not obstinate at all and her face is so funny… And I’ve been wondering if we should change the word perros to humanos (human) in the sentences above. If you are going to learn Spanish via Skype with us, tell us, what do you think about it?