Do you have kids studing Spanish? Are you actually a kid living in Spain? If the answer is yes and you don’t want to go without your presents on the 6th of January, don’t worrry, just book a lesson for children at SpanishviaSkype and we’ll help you to write your carta a los Reyes Magos (letter to the Kings or Wise Men).

If you think you don’t have time enough for that, keep reading the following advises. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar will thank you for a proper usage of Spanish.

Even though Papa Noel (Santa Claus) is gaining ground against the Three Kings in the last decades, the most popular day when children get their Christmas presents is still the 6th of January. The night before, Their Majesties parade through the streets of every single city, town or village in Spain delivering the presents for everybody.

How can they know what people wish?, you may wonder. It’s very easy. Some days before, they and their pages collect the letters written by all boys and girls. How should a good carta a los Reyes Magos be?

Encabezamiento (opening)

First of all, you need to decide if you want to address your letter to one single king or the three of them. My advice? Choose all of them. You will have more options to persuade them. ‘Queridos Reyes Magos:’ might be a good choice.

Presentación (introduction)

A few words about yourself might refresh their memory about who you are. They know everything about you. However, that night is very long and exhausting, so let’s make it easier for them. Me llamo Ángel y tengo ocho años. Vivo en Bilbao con mi familia…

Logros y méritos del año anterior (achievements and merits in the last year)

You need to sell yourself in the best way possible. Nevertheless, you don’t want to seem excessive or a liar. Just, be honest, sweetening the negative stuff. Este año he sido bueno y me he portado bien. He ayudado en casa cuando he podido y casi siempre he hecho caso a papá y a mamá. He hecho algunas cosas mal, pero siempre sin querer.

Peticiones (requests)

This part is the key. You might have heard this: ‘you should choose only one present you’d like. In this way, the Kings will know you are a modest kid’. Nothing further from the truth. Give them options. They have to choose thousands of presents. Have you ever tried to search for the perfect present for a person you love. It can be stressful. Again, the golden rule: make it easy for them. Este año me gustaría… Quisiera también… Me encantaría tener… Lo que más deseo es…

After your selfish requests, it may be a good idea to express a good wish for other people. Quiero que mi hermano tenga una moto nueva; ojalá no haya hambre ni guerras en el mundo; que toda mi familia tenga salud.

Finally, just in case the Kings can’t bring your presents, give them a jack of all trades: si no podéis traerme alguno de esos regalos, elegid uno vosotros. Seguro que me gustará.

Your work is done; now it’s time for the Kings. Don’t forget to leave them some milk, biscuits and sweets. The road is too long and the camels, pages and, even, Their Majesties may be hungry.

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