Una entrevista laboral (a job interview) is a stressful situation, at least for most of people. In a few minutes, your near future can change inevitably depending on your anwers. This critical moment can be even harder if you have to speak in a foreign language.

Last week, we helped our students on www.spanishviaskype.com write a professional email in Spanish. Today we’d like to show you the most common job interview questions that you might face in a Spanish-speaking country.

  1. ¿Podría hablarme sobre usted? / Cuénteme sobre usted / ¿Cómo se describiría? (tell me about yourself): This is an open question, so you will have to choose between talking about your aspectos personales (personal aspects) of your background, such as hobbies or interests and your destrezas profesionales (professional skills) or pericias (expertises). Perhaps, a balanced answer would be the best.
  2. ¿Cuáles son sus mayores virtudes o fortalezas? ¿Y sus principales defectos o debilidades? (what are your biggest strengths? And your main weaknesses?): here we have to deal with one of the fearest questions of all. Of course, emphasize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, actually you are working on improving them.
  1. ¿Por qué dejaste tu trabajo anterior? (why did you leave your job?): Your answer should be positive. Don’t criticize your previous company or bosses and talk in terms of personal evolution and improvement.
  1. ¿Por qué quieres este trabajo? ¿Por qué quieres trabajar en esta empresa? (why do you want to work here?): show them you researched the company or the positition and their goals are in line with your values.
  1. ¿Cuáles son sus expectativas salariales? (what salary are you seeking?): the best choice is knowing the going rate in your field. Give them a reasonable number, according to your needs.
  1. ¿Dónde se ve en un futuro? ¿Cuáles son sus objetivos laborales? (what are your goals?): they want to know how long you will stay in their company. Don’t tell them about distant future; focuse on short-term or intermediate goals, growing yourself as the company is.
  1. Hábleme de algún problema al que se haya enfrentado y cómo lo resolvió (tell me about a problem you had to face and how you solved it): be very specific. Describe a believable problem you had, connect it with a professional skill of yours, explain the steps you followed to fix the situation and the consequences for the company.
  1. ¿Tiene alguna pregunta? (do you have any question): it’s very important to show your interest in the company and the position, and a good way is expressing your doubts and questions.

If you know these questions and you prepare good answers for them, this will not guarantee you are going to get the job, but it will help you show that you are a good candidate. On www.spanishviaskype.com you can prepare specifically job interviews with our course of Spanish for Business. Reserve here a free trial class via Skype, and turn your job interview in Spanish into a formality.