The Word “Gracias” in Spanish in 4 different uses

The word “gracias” in Spanish is worldwide known. It’s maybe one of the first five words you learnt when you started studing Spanish. It’s a sign of good manners and politeness. Tomorrow it’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States and other countries and millions of families will gather together to have dinner. They will give [...]

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Advices and warnings in Spanish

Advices and warnings in Spanish (consejos y advertencias) are an interesting topic to learn. It’s curious: everybody likes giving advices and warnings but not many like getting them. We hope you may accept ours. First of all, we should make a difference between advices and warnings. The first ones try to influence someone to do [...]

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The Infinitive in Spanish: 5 different uses

The infinitive in Spanish in one of the most popular verbal forms among our students on Spanishviaskype.com. It’s the only way we have for finding a verb in the dictionary. We have two different types: the simple infinitive (hablar) and the perfect one (haber hablado). This non-personal form always refers [...]

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How to Express Future in Spanish

How to express future in Spanish? That is a good question during an election campaign. Next Sunday, Spaniards will decide their future, one more time. Politicians love talking about future, promises and plans. There are many ways to express future in Spanish, as happens with the English language. It depends [...]

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