How to express fear in Spanish

How to express fear in Spanish? Why should you know that? Well, tomorrow is Halloween and you might need to ask for help. El miedo (fear) is a primitive feeling that helps us survive. If you live in Spain and you are going out tomorrow night, be carefull if you [...]

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Clauses of purpose in Spanish

Clauses of purpose in Spanish (also known as final clauses) are subordinate adverbial clauses expressing the objective of a verbal action. They are a reply to the question ¿para qué? (what for? or wherefore?). Many students mix up clauses of purpose in Spanish with causal clauses and the use of [...]

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Gerund in Spanish: 5 different uses

The gerund in Spanish is a non-personal verbal form. What does it mean? Well, the infinitives, participles and gerunds are not conjugated forms, that express, in addition to their verbal sense, other meanings. The infinitive has nominal uses and the participle, adjective ones, whereas the gerund expresses an adverbial sense. Today, we’ll focus on [...]

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Italian False Friends and funny situations

Italian false friends are the cause of many misunderstandings among our Italian students at Spanishviaskype.com. As you know, this is not the first time we deal with this topic on our blog. You can read our articles about German and Portuguese false friends. Are you one of those who thinks [...]

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