5 funny expressions with the verb ‘dar’ in Spanish

The verb dar in Spanish is one of those ‘jack of all trades’ that can help you or make you cry. There are a ton of meanings, phrases and idioms that use it. However, don’t lose hope; at Spanishviaskype.com, we’ll help you. Let’s see some funny expressions with the verb [...]

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How to know your actual Spanish level?

What’s my actual Spanish level? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our students on Spanishviaskype.com. Obviously, it has not a simple answer. Evaluating a speaker’s level requires to know how he or she gets along in different communicative situations. In addition to this, we need to keep [...]

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How to learn Spanish in September

How to learn Spanish now that it’s September again? We always think that summertime is never-ending but time after time the school year and our jobs start again after a break. At the same time, dozens of commercials will inundate our TVs and computers, offering us infallible methods to learn [...]

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2019 September sale: 25% discount on all single classes!

September promotion is here. Classes at schools restart again. On www.spanishviaskype.com we understand that going back to the routine is not easy; going back to school is not often pleasant and buying your children’s school kit might be expensive. Because of that, we are glad to introduce you our September [...]

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