Expressing possibility in Spanish

Expressing possibility in Spanish is not a simple matter for our students on Spanishviaskype.com. We love speculating, dreaming of being a millionaire, or just wondering what people is doing. There is a wide variety of options, depending on the degree of certainty and the time when we delimit the actions. [...]

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Reflexive and reciprocal pronouns in Spanish

Reflexive and reciprocal pronouns are a matter of concern among our studens on Spanishviaskype.com. You should know that there are different types of pronouns in Spanish, depending on their function: subject, direct object, indirect object, prepositional, reflexive and reciprocal. Most of them share the same form (‘me’ can be direct or indirect object, reflexive [...]

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Common Spanish Idioms: Here Comes the Sun

Common Spanish idioms help Spanish students sound more natural. Idioms are fixed phrases that have a figurative meaning. This sense is totally different from the literal meaning that the words in the idiom would have separately. Since this summer Europe has suffered several heat waves, we think that it might be a good idea to [...]

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False Friends between Spanish and German

False friends or cognates are always a matter of laughter between teachers and students of languages. All of us try to assimilate words from the language we’re learning into our mother tongue’s vocabulary. A false friend is a word that has the same or similar spelling or pronunciation as another one in a different [...]

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