2017 good year for SpanishviaSkypeThe staff at SpanishviaSkype wishes you had una feliz Nochebuena y día de Navidad (merry Christmas’ Eve and Day). In Spain we also had our traditional Christmas lottery draw last Friday. Although we won no prize, we watched how some kids were singing numbers and prizes for about four hours.

In four days, 2017 is coming to an end and it’s time to reflect, analyze and sum up what this year brought to all of us.

Nuestros nuevos cursos (our new courses)

We started this year talking about our new Spanish course for medical professionals. During this twelve months, we helped some doctors, mainly in USA, to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients in order to make the consultation more fluently. Our team of tutors, formed by several doctors, also provided free correspondence by email. In 2018 we hope to consolidate this course and even to expand it.

Getting Spanish citizenship has become a challenge for a lot of foreign residents in Spain. Because of that, in 2017 we offered a special preparation to obtain the A2 certificate level of the DELE exams, required to get the nationality. Of course, these lessons will have continuity in the upcoming year.

Finally, 2018 will be a fascinating year for us. We’ll bring you a course to prepare the new SIELE exam, new interesting promotions and other surprises that will be revealed soon.

Contenidos culturales y noticias del español (cultural contents and news about Spanish language)

However, not only corporate articles were provided at this blog. You could read about many Spanish festivities, such as las Fallas in Valencia, los Carnavales, el Día del libro, or San Fermín in Pamplona.

Concerning the news, we wrote about how Donald Trump decided to bring down the Spanish-language side of the White House website; who won the last Cervates Prize Award or the participation of www.spanishviaskype.com in Move Me 2017, the international conference on MOOCs, language learning and mobility in Naples (Italy).

Artículos de gramática, vocabulario y fines específicos (articles about grammar, vocabulary and specific purposes)

Of course, we did not forget the linguistic contents. Our clients want to learn Spanish and we provided extra explanations at this blog. How to express probabilities, abilities, daily routines, or the scary subjunctive are good examples.

Furthermore, the usage of Spanish in business world has been one of our topics of interest this year: the names of Spanish taxes, the type of enterprises in Spain, names of the top positions in a company, advises for a job interview…We will work even harder on this field in 2018.

In conclusión, it’s been a great year, full of contents and all SpanishviaSkype’s staff will be glad to keep on working for you. If you want to fulfill your first 2018 resolution, try a free trial lesson via Skype here. Don’t postpone it, because if you buy single lessons until December the 31st you will get 20% discount.

From www.spanishviaskype.com ¡os deseamos feliz año nuevo!