¿Qué hora es? (A1)

In Spanishviaskype we share many things with our students, specially the interest about our beautiful language, but one thing that most of the times don’t have in common is the time zone (huso horario). Winter is coming and next weekend in Spain and all countries from the European Union we are going to leave the [...]

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Narcos: Spanish in the prime-time (B1)

TV Series have become one the most important products in the entertainment industry. We “get hooked” by them for years and, eventually, we consider their characters to be part of our lives. In the past we brought some articles related to series to our blog on www.spanishviaskype.com: Game of Thrones, X-Files or Breaking Bad are [...]

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Do you want to speak Spanish to your children? (A2)

  In the last two years we have noticed an increasing demand for Spanish classes for children. Most of their parents have studied Spanish at some point and are comfortable reading and pronouncing the language, but don’t have enough fluency or vocabulary to use it naturally. So today we are going to provide you with a [...]

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